Sooo you want to know more about me? Ok then!

My name is Emma, and I’m behind Emmagined Creative Portraiture. I also run Emmagined Weddings and soon another subset…but I’m keeping that quiet for now! Safe to say, it’s going to be awesome.

One of my cousins had a photobooth at his wedding. This resulted.

One of my cousins had a photobooth at his wedding. This resulted.

“Look scary, you’re a Roman soldier now” “Grr!” Yeah…no.

I’m not too good at writing about myself, so instead I’ll just tell you some of my favourite things:

My dogs

Me and my family own two cross breeds. One called Hudson that we call a “Malador” because he’s half chocolate lab and half alaskan malamute. He has the SOFTEST, DENSEST FUR EVER.

His eyes really are that yellow


We got him kind of unexpectedly – we went to pick up a door we bought from someone and got shown puppies. We then came back with Hudson (and the door). We were looking to get another dog anyway, so he sort of fell into our lives 🙂

The other is called Edsel, and he’s a cross between an English Bull Mastiff and a German Shepherd. He’s not even one yet, and he’s already huge.


Sand does not bother him in pursuit of the preciousssss (ball).


He’s a complete nutter but a joy to be around and loves his Kong ball to the ends of the earth. We rescued him from the Dogs Trust when he was about 3 months old.

He thinks he’s people.

Ice cream

I’m a big fan of ice cream. I’m especially happy when I find out a wedding I’m photographing has an ice cream cart! Not only are they amazing for photographs, but who doesn’t love ice cream? I like mint choc chip best.

No! Banoffee.

No! Honeycomb.


Oh, I don’t care. It’s all tasty.

They’re so pretty too, have a look at Bluebelle!

“I’ll haaaave…eeerm…everything, please. With sprinkles.”


I’m a huge video game fan. I could talk your ear off about Half Life and all the theories and discussions surrounding the plot if you let me. Left4Dead2 is good fun, Team Fortress 2 is something I’ve sank hours into (and I’m gradually building my digital hat collection – ’tis a silly game) and I’ve got more achievements on Steam than you can shake a stick at.

Half Life. Best game series ever.

Half Life. Best game series ever.

When there’s an option to choose a character, I seem to have a tendency to always play the direct opposite of myself. So in TF2 for example, I almost always play as Heavy Weapons Guy – a big, burly Russian man.

I am not a big, burly Russian man.

I don’t know why I do it either.

Doctor Who

Because being abducted by a mad alien man in a blue box while we travel around the universe sounds fun.

Ancient photo from the old Doctor Who exhibition where I look convincingly scared.

Ancient photo from the old Doctor Who exhibition where I look convincingly scared.


If I don’t have at least three cups of green tea and three cups of black tea though the day I get a headache. I’m addicted. Fun fact: I drink both tea and coffee black with a little bit of honey. I get a lot of funny looks at Costa.

Another fun fact – I roast my own coffee in a popcorn maker.

There’s more, but I think that’s enough for now. I’d like to leave a little for when you meet me! Hopefully it gives you an idea of my personality and made you laugh (at least a little).

You can drop me a message to ask what my favourite Doctor Who episode is (or arrange a consultation) by clicking here.